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Robot Mowers - Husqvarna Automower



Advanced Navigation

The robots several navigation tools, including GPS on 430X and 450X. This ensures Husqvarna Automower covers your entire lawn, even in complex gardens.




Cuts uneven lawns

The robot mowers large wheels and clever chassis design ensures a perfect result even on rough lawns.


Manages Steep Slopes

The Husqvarna 435X Automower can cope with slopes up to 70%, thanks to optimised design and smart behaviour. Other models easily handle inclinations of up to 45%.and 40%


Manages Passages

Husqvarna Automower senses narrow passages which means your robot mower will find its way through even the narrowest gaps.


Works in the rain

Unlike some robot mowers the Husqvarna Automowers are waterproof. It's vital parts are safely protected from rain, as well as dust and grass clippings. This gives you great cutting results what ever the weather.


No Track Marks

Husqvarna Automower varies it's route back to the charger in order to avoid damage and ugly tracks. It mows in a seemingly random pattern which gives it a carpet-like lawn finish throughout your garden.


No Noise. No Fuss

You'll hardly notice when your robot mower is out cutting your lawn. Meaning it can even cut at night and will not disturb you or your neighbours. No noise, no fuss - just a great looking lawn.


Automower Connect

Control and track your robot mower using Husqvarna Automower Connect on your smartphone. Receive status messages and send start, stop and park commands to the robot mower from anywhere in the world. Receive alarm and track your robot mower's position in case of theft.

Robot Mower Local Installation Service

We recommend for maximum convenience, to ensure correct installation and trouble free operation that we carry out the installation of your new robot.  Prices of installation vary according to the size of your garden. If you are interested in having an Automower we can arrange a site visit to your garden which would then allow us to recommend the right size robot and quote how much the installation would be for you. With us doing the installation for you along with annual servcing will also qualify for your Automower 3 year warranty.



Husqvarna Automower 3 Year Warranty


With machines that are bought from us you also have that peace of mind that we can support you after a sale with our workshop for any repairs, service and warranty work. As an authorised Husqvarna Dealer, we are able to offer full parts back up for all the machines bought from us. Machines have moving parts that wear out and break so this is essential.


Husqvarna provide a 1 years manufacturers warranty. This can be extended another two years for Automowers. To extend a Automowers warranty your Automower must be registered, (we do this for you at the time of purchase) Be installed by us as we are an authorised Husqvarna Dealer and it also must be serviced annually by us.

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