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Husqvarna Battery Powered Garden Machinery

Battery Machinery

Battery Mowers

Battery Trimmers

Battery Hedge Trimmers

Battery Chainsaws

Battery Blowers

One Battery Fits All

The battery system can be used on all battery series so you can switch your battery between machines making them extremely flexable.

Low Noise

 These battery machines are up to 18db lower noise than petrol equivalents. The silent motor provides a comfortable working enviroment and low disturbance for the surrounding areas.

Saves You Money

Costing as little as 4p to recharge a battery, these battery machines have a lot lower in running costs compared to petrol equivalents.

High Performance

 The motors with low weight offer instant and equal torque no matter what the operationg speed. The batteries are equipped with a cooling system, which extends the battery cells lifetime and lets you work in higher temperatures.

Healthier Work

No petrol, no fumes, no direct emissions. Not just better for the enviroment but also yourself. This is ideal for working in confined spaces and indoor areas.

We can do future repairs & service work

Husqvarna battery products are the only brand of battery machinery that we can do any future repairs and service work to. Unfortunately, there are a lot of battery products on the market which do not supply spare parts. They want you to throw it away and buy another one. This is not only more expensive for you in the long run but also has a damaging effect on our environment.


All Weather Use

The 400 & 500 series battery products can be used what ever the weather. The sealed motors, electronics and batteries are protected from dirt and moisture getting in.

Easy To Use

These battery machines are low in weight, well balanced and offer much lower levels of vibration compared to petrol machines making them comfortable to use. They are effortless to start as will turn on or off at a push of a button.

High Performance > Less Weight


Husqvarna Battery Chainsaws


Husqvarna Battery Lawn Mowers


Husqvarna Battery Leaf Blowers


Husqvarna Battery Trimmers and Brushcutters


Husqvarna Battery Hedge Trimmers


Husqvarna Batteries and Chargers


Husqvarna Battery Combi Tools

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